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    Tattoo School

    As of Fall 2018 Revolution Ink has officially opened the first ever tattoo school in Western Canada and are only 1 of 2 in North America.  Classes are 4 weeks in length, running at various times of the year.  Class space is EXTREMELY limited, with only 2 students per semester and is on a first come, first served basis. (OCCASIONALLY we take on 3 or more) We’re now offering multiple options for training, each catering to individual’s needs and budgets.

    As of Jan. 2021, we’re including a few new “add-on” courses, for those wanting further, more advanced training, and/or training in specialized areas. These “add-on” courses can be taken as follow-ups to options 1 or 2, OR as standalone training for those with prior tattooing experience.

    A BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS CERTIFICATE is required by law to tattoo in Canada, which is a prerequisite to any courses we offer. The course can be done online in a matter of a few hours, and costs anywhere from $10 – $35 CDN. Any accredited Canadian certificate is acceptable, but we recommend the following online course for our programs:


    • Option 1 – “Full instructional course”. The full course is in depth 1 on 1 training with head instructor and artist Jacob, beginning from the ground up, and covering all the basics of tattooing. This option comes with a $500 value tattoo kit, and students that pass this course will receive a certificate of completion at the end. Cost of the full course is $5000 CDN INCLUSIVE. (Training in this course is now done exclusively with rotary tattoo machines, and a rotary tattoo pen is included in your kit. Also included is a digital power supply, professional ink set, cables, and a few extras.). The fee breakdown is as follows:

    • $3500 = tuition fees

    • $500 = Tattoo kit

    • $950 = Class materials and shop supplies

    • $50 = Application fee

    ***We have also added an “early incentive” to those paying the full amount up front. Those paying the full course tuition fee up front will get an upgraded tattoo pen, with a few super cool extras added to their kit, with a value of $200-$300. Well worth it for some higher quality gear, and a fee you’ll be paying in the near future anyhow.***

    • Option 2 – “Shadowing”. Shadowing basically means you are permitted in the studio Thurs-Sun each week, and are able to hang over artists’ shoulders, and watch/learn, as well as ask any questions about what you see, and get the answers you need. It’s very much 1 on 1 training, and is suited for anyone on a tighter budget, and/or someone who already has some tattooing knowledge and experience. Cost of the shadowing program is $2500 CDN INCLUSIVE. 

    • NEW FOR 2022 – 3 day “CRASH COURSE” This information intensive 3 day “crash course” is a quick and in depth course for those on a tight budget, but want to get started in the world of tattooing. We cover most of the basics from lining, shading, colour packing, and smooth blending techniques, as well as sanitation, stencil prep, how to make tattoo line art, tattoo placement, and MUCH more. This course runs at various times and days in the year, and the cost is $1000. Note – there is no certificate at the end of this course, and no tattoo supplies are provided. This course requires you to bring, or purchase your own tattoo gear, and bring it to the course. For a list of the required materials, please email us to inquire.

    • Add-on # 1 – Coil machine training. This course is 1 day, and covers everything you’d need to know about tattooing with coil machines. We go through setup and breakdown of the machines, as well as tuning and maintenance. You’ll learn to work with traditional needle and tube setups, as well as hybrid cartridge grip systems, and learn the pros and cons of both. Cost of this add-on course is $500, and included are 2 coil tattoo machines, 1 liner and 1 shader.

    • Add-on # 2 – Stylistic tattooing 101. This course is also a 1 day class, and caters to whatever specific style you’re interested in learning about. Whether it be Realism, American traditional, Japanese, New school, Fine line, or Black & grey. YOU get to choose your preferred style, and we spend an entire day teaching you the ins and outs of that specific style, as well as the “rules” that apply to that specific style of tattooing. We start with the history of the style, work through design, and of course – application. Cost of the add-on is $250 (per style), and you can take as many or as few as you like.

    • Add-on # 3 – TATTOO ART. In this add-on course, we go through some basic art concepts from light sources and shadows, still art, live art, shading techniques, tattoo-style art design, freehand tattoo drawing, and a bit of everything you’d need to know about drawing art to tattoo on the body. This is a 1 day course, and the cost is $250

    • Add-on # 4 – Software and technology for tattooing. In this course, we go through the various software applications used in the tattooing industry, and how to use them to design perfect tattoo designs, make effortless line art for stencils, photo editing, and the use of tablets and associated apps. This add-on course is a 1 day course, and the cost is $250. *NOTE – This course is taught exclusively on windows-based pc’s and tablets. Mac users will still have the same learning experience, but layouts of software may slightly vary. For those owning Windows-based tablets, you are encouraged to bring them along with you for the course, although not a necessity*

    Class instructor is Jacob, who is the owner and head tattoo artist at Revolution Ink, who has been working as a professional tattoo artist since 2009. Classes are extremely in depth, and cover all the basics including lining, shading, color packing, stencil making & application, freehand basics, tattoo art, infection control & cross contamination prevention, work station setup and breakdown, how to get and KEEP clients, waiver and aftercare forms, job paths following the course, and much more.

    After completing the basics mentioned above, you will also tattoo on several different mediums, including YOURSELF, and other human canvases. If you have friends or volunteers you would like to bring to tattoo on, you are more than welcome (PREFERED actually). Otherwise, models/clients will be provided. Dana, your course instructor, is knowledgeable and friendly, and makes learning fun and easy to absorb. The studio is both comfortable and relaxing, making it an ideal environment for learning.

    Course payments can be made by Etransfer, in person by credit card, debit or cash, or we can send you an online invoice to complete on a secure server. Deposits for all courses are $500, with the remaining balance due no less than 7 days prior to the course starting date, both of which are non-refundable. (with the exception of “add-on” courses, which are between $250 – $500, and due upon booking). For anyone signing up for the “full instructional course,” we use the deposit to purchase your tattoo kit, and all class supplies you’ll need for the course. Any student opting to pre-pay the full amount up front, will get a MAJOR upgrade to their tattoo kit, as part of our “early payment incentive program.”

    To sign up, or for more information, please contact us by email at: revinktattoo@gmail.com, or call the studio at: 604-427-1977.

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