This is a 10 day fully comprehensive course, teaching you everything from the ground up. It’s suited for brand new aspiring tattoo artists, all the way up to 1-2 year artists, that might not have learned the basics properly, and need some help getting onto the right path. We cover everything from basic skin dermatology, needle types and uses, sanitation and sterilization, setups and breakdowns, black & grey and colour theory and application, lining, shading, basic tattoo art, stencil making, client prep, and a TON more! During this course, you will tattoo synthetic skins, yourself, and also REAL HUMANS, graduating with a solid portfolio of up to 17 tattoos!

• The cost of the course is $5000 inclusive. Upon completion and a passing grade, you’ll receive a certificate, as well as a professional level tattoo kit with a locking case, power supply, pen machine, cables, inks, and all the basics to get you started on your new career!


The tattoo crash course is basically just what it sounds like. It’s a 3 day course, PACKED full of the basics of tattooing. It’s good for those on tight budgets, that want to get started, or to see if tattooing is for them or not. You’ll learn the absolute fundamentals in this course, from setting up and how to use a tattoo machine, needle types and uses, stencil making and client prep, sterilization and safety, and a few more elementary basics to get you started.

Upon completion, you’ll have the knowledge of how to safely do a very basic tattoo, and can continue learning on your own, or continue your learning with us at a later date.

• The cost of the course is $2000 inclusive, and does not come with any supplies, no certificate is awarded at the end of the course, and no tattooing on human canvases. This is mostly a knowledge only course, with tattooing on skins, and yourself.


Software and design

In this course, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade for using programs like Photoshop, Word, Sketchbook, and/or Procreate to design tattoo art, edit photos, and make photos and drawings into tattoo stencils ready for skin.

This is a 1 day course, and can be added onto either of the main tattoo courses, or be taken as a standalone course. Cost of this course is $500

Stylistic tattooing

In this course, we’ll go through various tattoo styles, discuss the “rules” and techniques used to achieve the authentic looks of the different styles. You’ll learn how to design basic art in each style you’re interested in, as well as discuss, and have some techniques demonstrated to you, so you gain a full understanding of how to achieve the proper look for each style.

This is a 1 day course, and can be added onto either of the main tattoo courses, or be taken as a standalone course. Cost of this course is $500

NEW FOR 2023 – GROUP classes!

As of Jan. 2024, we’ll be offering GROUP classes for those who want it all, but are on tighter budgets. Classes will be up to 10 students, and run twice yearly. You’ll learn everything from the “full instructional course” in a group environment, with fellow aspiring new artists at your side, supporting you along the way. Cost is $2500, and is a 10 day course. Sign up for a spot toady, as this course WILL fill up FAST!!